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Qualification honor Credential and rewards
In recent years, the group has continuously enriched its business content. With its outstanding technical strength and excellent service, the group has won the praise of its customers and the recognition of the industry. With its profound technological accumulation and business experience, excellent talent team and management system, the group and its subsidiary companies have been recognized by the government, industry authorities and international certification bodies in a relatively short time. We have obtained certificates of qualification such as ISO9001 management system certificate, class a boiler manufacturing license, ASMES, U, U2 steel seal and authorization certificate, pressure vessel design license, etc., qualification certificate of electric power construction general contract, two level qualification certificate, two level qualification certificate of construction project general contracting, two level qualification certificate of municipal engineering construction general contract, safety production license, and qualification of foreign contracted project. Certificates and other engineering qualification certificates have received more than 3 national and provincial, ministerial and municipal scientific and technological progress awards and technical patents.