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Relying on strong technological R & D and market development capability, strong equipment strength, exquisite manufacturing technology and excellent service, Huaxi energy has been focusing on new energy, environmental protection industry, clean power station and new material technology and service field for decades. Projects and products now cover fossil fuels, living and industrial wastes, comprehensive utilization of biomass, waste heat recovery and black liquor recycling. And so on.
New energy waste generation, environmental protection industry

Superior products and projects

The first largest garbage incineration power generation project in China

Shenzhen environmental protection Co., Ltd.

Tiger pit waste incineration power plant 4 * 750t/d

Refuse incineration boiler

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New materials

Huaxi energy business continues to expand into new materials. In the field of Aeronautics and Astronautics application, the company set up joint laboratory with Xi'an Jiao Tong University to carry out scientific research. The company has collaborated with well-known enterprises and famous R & D teams at home and abroad, such as Haydale (UK), Novus (USA), GT&G (Korea), and so on.